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Video: Ahmmad on Equity Panel

EBDI co-founder and president Ahmmad Brown spoke on a panel about equity and inclusion at Cengage, an educational content, technology and services company. Below are video excerpts of Ahmmad answering questions from Cengage employees. 


Ahmmad describes his work. (2:25)


Ahmmad defines equity and inclusion in the context of his work. (3:33)

Research Highlights

Ahmmad shares highlights from his research on Black students in predominantly White institutions. (8:43)

Measuring Equity

Ahmmad on ways to assess and measure equity. (5:40)


Here are a few of the instruments for measuring equity and inclusion in team and organizational settings referenced at the end of the video:

"Step 0" for Overcoming Inequity

Ahmmad talks about the first step, "step 0," for overcoming institutional inequities. (2:24)

Radical Imagination

Ahmmad answers a question about what it means to have "radical imagination." (3:19)

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