EBDI's Signature Model for Inclusion

EBDI's core model, Dialogues, has three primary goals. First, to understand how people in your organization experience your organization’s community. Second, to foster vulnerability in interpersonal interactions between colleagues. Third, to begin to develop a shared understanding of your organization's community, and a shared vision for how your organization can be more equitable and inclusive. To accomplish these goals, EBDI Dialogues operate in four stages.


Stage 1: EBDI consultants facilitate cross-functional and cross-hierarchical focus groups to provide an environment for people to explore how they experience your organization’s community in relation to equity and inclusion. We analyze findings from the focus groups alongside pre-existing data from your organization to develop a report of key takeaways and potential action items that you can share with your organization’s community.

Stage 2: EBDI consultants coach volunteers (presenters) to develop 10 to 20 minute personal narratives that they will share with their colleagues. Presenters will participate in individual coaching sessions with EBDI consultants to develop their narratives. Presentations will focus on themes that emerged in the first step of Dialogues. 

Stage 3: Parallel with Stage 2, EBDI consultants deliver workshops to members of your organization who will serve as the audience for the presenters on how to engage presenters and fellow audience members during and after presentations.

Stage 4: Presenters share their narratives, with each presentation being followed by group dialogue that is facilitated by an EBDI consultant. Colleagues are encouraged to reflect on how the presenter’s experiences relate to their own experiences. Each presentation concludes with an EBDI facilitator synthesizing key takeaways from the dialogue, and potential action items for your community.


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