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Leena Mathew


Leena Mathew (she/her) is a political organizer and social movement enthusiast bringing ten years of experience to her role at EBDI. Born in Kerala, India she immigrated with her mother and brother to the US at the age of 6. Her family’s immigration and labor experiences pushed her to discover political organizing as a college student and she has been dedicated to organizing with communities of color in Massachusetts ever since. 

Leena has spent most of her time in the immigrant rights and labor movement. In addition to her work at EBDI, she organizes restaurant workers for a full minimum wage at Matahari Women Workers Center. Her focus has been mainly on building strong community bases, systems for leadership development at scale, as well as thoughtful campaign strategy. As a student of social movements, she loves to think about theories of change and how to influence organizational structure and culture.  

Leena holds a B.A. in International & Global Studies from Brandeis University.  Outside of work she teaches and practices taekwondo and she enjoys cooking, reading sci-fi/fantasy, and trying new wines with friends.

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