Operating Philosophy

We believe that organizations are a primary mechanism through which inequity proliferates at the societal level. Sociologists have long argued that organizations perpetuate inequity by maintaining and reinforcing categorical (and often identity-based) boundaries that stratify access to valued material and symbolic resources. In turn, we also believe that organizations have the power and responsibility to proliferate equity internally and more broadly at the societal level by embracing equitable and inclusive structures and practices.


We believe that organizational norms and practices at a small scale set the parameters for how we as a society engage issues of equity. In order to effect sustainable and lasting societal change, individuals and organizations must look within themselves to understand how they have internalized systems of oppression, and begin making changes internally. While our facilitation work focuses on interpersonal relationships, our recommendations target the structural levels of organizations to effect enduring change.


We believe that everyone, including those who hold dominant social identities, are harmed by systems of oppression and benefit from its disruption. Furthermore, due to the systemic nature of the problem, anyone may unwittingly be an agent of harm. Rather than engaging in the disposal and punitive sanctioning of those who have caused harm, our measures are grounded in Transformative Justice principles that cultivate healing, accountability, resilience, and safety for all.

These beliefs underpin everything we do, from our work with clients to our own organizational model and internal practices.

Radical simply means grasping

things at the root.

Angela Davis