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Reports & Research

Below find links to EBDI's completed public research and reports for client-partners.

Dignity and Justice

A Brown Paper on Humanizing the Workplace for BIWOC+

Spurred by their personal experiences of harm in non-profits, The Melanin Collective co-founders Kaitlyn Ramirez Borysiewicz and Doris Nadine Quintanilla conducted a survey of Black, Indigenous, and women of color (BIWOC+) in social sector organizations. This brown paper, co-authored by EBDI president Ahmmad Brown, contextualizes the survey's findings with Kaitlyn and Doris' experiences in the social sector. Notably, their analysis identifies the progressive veil™, a phenomenon wherein internal violence and discrimination is obscured by an organization's outwardly progressive social mission.​

Full Report (PDF)

Innovation by Tigerlily Foundation's #InclusionPledge Partners

A Report and Case Studies for Health and Cancer Care Equity
Tigerlily Report Cover.PNG

Black women suffer from breast cancer at a disproportionately high rate and are more likely to experience discrimination in care. To address these harmful disparities, EBDI's client-partner Tigerlily Foundation created the #InclusionPledge as a tool to educate and foster accountability among breast cancer organizations. This report explains why Black women are disproportionately affected by breast cancer and details some of the effective changes #InclusionPledge partner organizations have made in response.

Full Report (PDF)

Voices from the Movement

Toward an Equitable Farmed Animal Protection Movement

The struggle for racial justice is playing out across the country: in courtrooms, in the streets, and in the media. What about within other justice movements? EBDI worked with client-partner Encompass to explore questions of equity, particularly related to ethnoracial identity, within the farmed animal protection movement (FAPM). We produced an action-oriented report based on extensive qualitative data collection from FAPM members.

Full Report (PDF)

Report Highlights (Web Version)

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