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Equity Based Dialogue for Inclusion (EBDI, “ebb-dee”) is a Black- and Latine-founded consultancy that delivers leadership advisory and conducts applied research for organizations that are ready to join a broader movement welcoming diversity and fostering equity and inclusion. We approach engagements with our client-partners in a dialogic manner, seeking to understand the DEI challenges and opportunities in an organization's specific context, and providing tailored guidance to support sustained DEI success. 


Collectively, our team members have a diverse range of professional experiences and skills, including years of strategic planning, organizational learning and design, public policy, nonprofit management, and coaching. Drawing on our team members’ strengths and the extended knowledge and capacity provided by our partner organizations, we have the flexibility and expertise to meet client-partner’s DEI needs across a range of organizational contexts. 


See the range of our clientele and read testimonials about our work from past client partners here.

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