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We offer DEIJ (diversity, equity, inclusion and justice) consulting, assessment, facilitation, training and coaching services—always with an eye for the ways systems of oppression can show up in your organization. This work takes time and requires vulnerability on the part of our client-partner's members and leadership team. Given our intensive model, we typically deliver services to client-partners who are committed to multi-month engagements. Read what else sets EBDI apart from other providers here. Rates vary depending on the engagement. 

Equity Assessments

An Equity Assessment is a comprehensive report detailing the state of equity and inclusion at your organization, with tailored recommendations for how to move toward equity and inclusion excellence. For the assessment, we conduct focus groups and interviews with your organizational stakeholders across the hierarchical spectrum. We then analyze these qualitative data with key insights from the academic and practitioner literatures in mind, and review your systems, structures, procedures, policies and relevant archival information. 

The first stage of the Equity Assessment process involves EBDI building trust with members of your organization, in order to create an environment in which we will be able to collect candid and rich insights for our analysis.

Learning and Integration

Our Learning and Integration services provide your organization with the knowledge and tools to foster and maintain equitable and inclusive environments at the organizational, workgroup, and team levels. These may be delivered independent of or subsequent to an Equity Assessment. Specific services in our Learning and Integration work include:

Training and Workshops for executive-level leaders, managers, and/or individual contributors.

Advising and Coaching for executive-level leaders, managers, affinity groups, and/or employee resource groups.

DEIJ Conversation Facilitation around societal issues that members of your organization want to discuss, or difficult topics that impact members of your organization specifically. Conversation facilitation can occur in standard work or retreat contexts.

Research Support

Drawing on our team’s experience and expertise in social science research methods and best practices, we conduct empirical research on DEIJ issues that are germane to your organization, and collaborate with client-partners on white papers to share DEIJ knowledge and best practices broadly.

Customized Engagements

Reach out and let us know if you have a specific DEIJ need that you think can be met by us. Read more about our team's areas of expertise here.

Equity Assessment
Learning & Integration
Research & White Paper Support
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