EBDI's core model, EBDI Dialogues, centers on a four-stage process that includes focus groups and short presentations of personal narratives by members of your organization. The goals of Dialogues are three-fold:


  • Understand how people in your organization experience the organizational culture and community

  • Foster interpersonal vulnerability between colleagues, building self-awareness and trust that allows individuals to practice true solidarity rather than performative allyship

  • Begin to develop a shared understanding of your organization's community, and a shared vision for how your community can be more equitable and inclusive


EBDI Dialogues includes the delivery of a report detailing key themes from listening sessions, and suggested action items for your community. Learn more about this service.


We review your internal and external materials and use quantitative and qualitative instruments to assess the extent to which you are fostering an equitable and inclusive environment.

Retreat and Meeting Facilitation

We serve as your partner through all steps of retreat, or meeting development and facilitation.

Customized Engagements

Reach out and let us know if you have a specific DEI need that you think can be met by us. Read more about our founders’ experiences and areas of expertise here.

In inclusive environments, individuals of all backgrounds—not just members of historically powerful identity groups—are fairly treated, valued for who they are, and included in core decision making.

Lisa H. Nishii