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Thought Leadership

DEI-relevant resources produced by EBDI team members and available on external platforms.

Opinion in Forbes

EBDI President Ahmmad Brown is a Forbes DEI contributor. Find his articles on topics such as the Rooney Rule, leadership accountability, and dialogue in times of crisis here.

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The Intersection Podcast

Hear EBDI President Ahmmad Brown on DEI Practitioner Nancy Harris's The Intersection podcast. They talked about about how to tackle “diversity fatigue,” what makes DEI consulting different from other forms of management consulting, and why organizational leaders should be excited about taking on DEI work even though it’s challenging (hint: it’s not “the business case”). 

Co-Authored Blog Posts

Read blog posts co-authored by EBDI teammates, hosted by partner organization Working IDEAL:

7 Ways to Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Hiring

Racial Equity Assessment Can Change Your Company for the Better – If You Get It Right

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