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Guides & Reports

EBDI is committed to sharing best practices and emerging approaches to support DEI in organizations. See EBDI-produced guides and public reports below.


EBDI-produced guides are grounded in insights from the scholarly literature in the social sciences—to improve DEI processes and outcomes. 


Onboarding Best Practices

Getting onboarding right is critical for the productivity and retention of new hires, as well as for equity. This guide shares best practices for onboarding and common pitfalls to avoid.

How to (Really) Fix the Pipeline Problem

This brief paper addresses the topic of diversity in recruiting pipelines and why internal equity and inclusion work must be done concurrently or ahead of changes to the hiring process. 


EBDI's public reports are researched and produced in partnership with client-partners and EBDI’s collaborative network.

Dignity & Justice: A Brown Paper on Humanizing the Workplace for BIWOC+

EBDI partner The Melanin Collective conducted and analyzed a survey of Black, Indigenous, and women of color (BIWOC+) in social sector organizations. Co-authored by EBDI president Ahmmad Brown, this paper contextualizes survey results with real stories of harm within the social sector. The authors identify the progressive veil™, a phenomenon wherein internal discrimination is obscured by an organization's progressive social mission. 

#InclusionPledge Innovations: A Report and Case Studies for Health and Cancer Care Equity

Black women suffer from breast cancer at a disproportionately high rate and are more likely to experience discrimination in care. To address these harmful disparities, EBDI's client-partner Tigerlily Foundation created the #InclusionPledge. This report details some of the effective changes #InclusionPledge partner organizations have made in response.

Voices of the Movement: Toward an Equitable Farmed Animal Protection Movement

EBDI and client-partner Encompass explored questions of equity, particularly related to ethnoracial identity, within the farmed animal protection movement (FAPM). The result is this action-oriented report based on extensive qualitative data collection from FAPM members. 

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